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Practice – 1.
Group discussion and student lecture system in classroom teaching.
Practice – 2.
To boost the sports activities.
The main objective of this practice is to make the teaching learning effective and result oriented. It provides a platform to the youngsters to expose their hidden talent, knowledge and experiences. It makes learning more interactive and helps the students in stimulating critical thinking. Participation in group discussion creates interest among the students and in this way they engage themselves in taking part in debates, symposium, seminars, dialogue, and their activities. This practice develops leadership qualities among the students. As the main motto of all this is to prepare the youngsters/students to safe guard the national interest and serve the nation.
The Context
Our College is a young college established in 2005. Though it is not an old institution as compared to the other colleges of the area, yet it played a remarkable role in promoting educational values to change the society we are living in. Pertinent to mention here that our is a border belt very close to line of control (LOC), Pak Border, where cross border shelling is a common Phenomenon and thus we face a lot of difficulties during Indo-Pak conflict/Cross Border shelling. But in spite of all these difficulties, faculty leaves no stone unturned to achieve the excellence in the field of quality education. As this college has produced academicians, teachers and scholars of the repute. As many as 19 Subjects are being taught at UG level. Besides this a lot of skill based courses are also taught. This college provides a platform to the youngsters through many literary and cultural committees, NSS,NCC wings. College provides best possible facilities to both the male and female students. Though we have no Hostels facility at the moment, and for this purpose Government has approved/ sanctioned the Hostel project for this college and construction work will be started in very near future, yet college administration provides bus facility to all such students, male and female who apply for this facility.
The Practice:
In order to prepare the youngsters for future challenges having leader ship qualities, the practice of group discussion and student lecture in classroom teaching has introduced to achieve the excellence in every sphere of life. It helps us a lot in making teaching learning effective and result oriented. This practice provides a platform to the youngsters to expose their hidden talent, knowledge and experiences. It makes learning more interactive and helps the students in stimulating critical thinking. The ultimate goal and objective of teaching learning process is to serve the nation in different ways. By virtue of this practice many students performed very well at different platforms outside the state also. They proved well in seminar, Symposium, debate and declamation contest.

The Department of Physical training and sports of this college has been playing and important role to the development of sports infrastructure and enriching sports culture on the college campus. This is due to dynamic approach of the department, many students excelled in different activities mentioned below.
1. Inter College Runner Up of volleyball in girl section.
2. Inter-college 3rd Position in 200 mtrs in Girls section.
3. Sheraz Ahmed Selected for North Zone inter university in cricket of this college.
4. 3 boys and one boy selected for North zone inter university volleyball of this college.
Evidence of Success:
By introducing the practice we are talking about, we see the tremendous changes in the field of quality education and human behavior. As already mentioned, the main motto of healthy teaching learning process and sports related activities is to make people good human beings with skill and expertise. This aspect of our institution is encouraging one as whole faculty of this college leaves no stone unturned in motivating the students towards promotion of moral values as the faculty take it as ambition. The faculty also tries its level best to inculcate the spirit of tolerance, patience, positive thinking, reasoning, patriotism etc. among the students. we have achieved a lot in this regard. The practice we are talking about have proved beneficial and result oriented. This practice helps the students/ youngsters in the field of personality development, tolerance, pragmatics and decision making.
Problem Encountered Resource Required:
This College (Govt. Degree College Mendhar) is located in a border belt of Tehsil Mendhar, District Poonch of J K state just 3 KM away from the line of Control (Pakistan Border) where cross border shelling is a common phenomenon that affects the college routine working. The study of the students gets affected badly. The continuing tension have not only affected the education System, but tension on the Indo-Pak border also affects the lives of villagers. So during such situation there must be some alternate arrangement for teaching learning process. And because of limited resources, the college cannot at its can make necessary alternate arrangements during border tension and cross border shelling. There must some makeshift arrangement for classes. Though college administration makes the arrangement regarding extra classes to minimize the loss of study during Indo-Pak border tension. There is a psychological factor also.
Institutional Distinctiveness
(I) Though NSS plays an important role in every sphere of life. Every college and institution established the NSS unit. It is a National Service Scheme. We see in many institutions, the Authority has made it compulsory for the students to join the organization to serve the nation. The main motto of establishment of this organization is to train the youngsters to serve the nation with enthusiasm and dedication. The volunteers perform various activities and provides service at various level from institution to society. They always come forward to help the needy in situation like earthquake, flood, traffic accident, emergency in hospital etc. They are always ready to donate blood when such situation arises. Sometimes, they help the traffic police to control the traffic to make the flow of traffic easy. Besides this, our college has a unique feature/Distinctiveness regarding the community service to visit the area where old age people need their help most. The college administration mobilize the NSS Volunteers to reachout the old age people who are neglected by their wards, relatives and society as well. The NSS Volunteers camp the area and try their level best to provide the help to needy.Our NSS volunteers also aware the people organizing the awareness camp regarding the duties and responsibilities of the individual, individuals and society towards the old age people.

(II) The another distinctiveness of NSS Wing is to organize the seminar, symposium, debates etc in collaboration of other departments. NSS Unit also organized various literacy programs with the collaboration of Urdu department, GDC Mendhar as under:
1. “One Day National Urdu seminar” on 31st of Oct, 2018.

(III) One of the distinctive features of NSS Unit is organize programmes particularly on “morality” “ethics” ‘’and national integration’’ and this has become a common practice of this institution. As the matter of fact, the educationist and policy makers are of the opinion that subject on moral values must be introduced at various level of learning. It is only the education institution which can impart the true value of education and thus organization like NSS can play a remarkable and path breaking role in the society we are living is and the system we are dealing with. It is up to college administration how they utilize the services of this organization to gain the maximum gain and result. But as the matter of fact, our NSS organization has been playing an important role since its inception to the areas which are generally untouchable. This institution encourages the NSS Volunteers and provide coaching and training to them for further achievements. The students who join the organization with great dedication, by sheer dint of hard work and passion become a good human being as well as good citizen.
Best Practices - 2021-22
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